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Program Overview

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) degree program at Western Community College aims to produce graduates to meet the growing demands of the hospitality industry in a culturally diverse globalized community. Graduates will be able to generate innovative solutions for an industry undergoing continuous growth, expanding regulatory oversight, rapid technological acceleration, and an increasingly environmentally conscious audience.

Pursue an inspiring career in the hospitality industry with our Bachelor of Hospitality Management. Dynamic career opportunities in a fast-paced environment. Get program information today!

Program Admission Requirements

Domestic Applicants

Applicants will be required to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Have, at minimum, a Canadian high school (Grade 12) diploma (or equivalent) with a course grade overall average of C or better or GED with an average of C.
  • Applicants with less than C in English 12 or its equivalent may be required to take a preparatory English course.
  • Applicants with less than C in Math 11 or its equivalent may be required to take a preparatory mathematics course. Equivalents include but are not limited to WCC’s MATH 099 or similar courses provided by accredited providers, post-secondary course work requiring quantitative skills at or above the Grade 11 level, or an assessment provided by WCC.
  • Satisfy the English Language proficiency requirements.

International Applicants

Applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada are international applicants.

Applicants will be required to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Have, at minimum, a Canadian high school (Grade 12) diploma (or equivalent) with a course grade overall average of C or better or GED with an average of C.
  • Applicants with less than C in English 12 or its equivalent may be required to take a preparatory English course.
  • Applicants with less than C in Math 11 or its equivalent may be required to take a preparatory mathematics course. Equivalents include but are not limited to WCC’s MATH 099 or similar courses provided by accredited providers, post-secondary course work requiring quantitative skills at or above the Grade 11 level, or an assessment provided by WCC.
  • Satisfy the English Language proficiency requirements.

Applicant Language Proficiency Requirements

All applicants whose first language is not English or applicants with diplomas or degrees from institutions in which English was not the primary language of instruction must demonstrate proof of English language proficiency to be accepted into the program. The minimum acceptable levels are outlined within the following table:

Assessment Assessment Name Required Minimum Competency
CAEL Canadian Academic English Language Assessment Overall, 70 (with speaking subset of 60)
CELPIP Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program Overall, 7  (with no module less than 7)
CLB Canadian Language Benchmark 7
CPE Cambridge Proficiency Exam C
Cambridge CAE C
PTE PTE Academic 58 – 66
IELTS International English Language Testing System 6.5 (with no band less than 6.0)
MET Michigan English Test 59
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper-Based 550
Test of English as a Foreign Language CBT 210
Test of English as a Foreign Language IBT 79
IEP Intensive English Program Certificate 600

The test dates should be within 2 years of application.

List of Countries where English is the primary language

International applicants who graduate from a recognized degree program or show complete four years of full-time study in English at an accredited school in the countries listed below will normally be accepted as meeting the English proficiency requirements.

The following is a list of countries currently recognized as having English as a primary language:

American Samoa Ghana Sierra Leone
Anguilla Gibraltar Singapore
Antigua & Barbuda Grenada South Africa
Australia Guam St. Helena
Bahamas Guyana St. Kitts & Nevis
Barbados Ireland St. Lucia
Bermuda Jamaica St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Belize Kenya Trinidad & Tobago
Botswana Lesotho Tanzania
British Virgin Islands Liberia Turks & Caicos Islands
Canada (including Quebec) Malta Uganda
Cayman Islands Mauritius United Kingdom
Dominica Montserrat USA
Falkland Islands New Zealand US Virgin Islands
Fiji Nigeria Zambia
Gambia Seychelles Zimbabwe

For detailed information about admission process and documents required, please talk to an admission advisor at Western Community College.

Financial Assistance

Western Community College offers a variety of financial aid opportunities to ease students’ stress and allow them to focus on their studies. If you need extra support, we have flexible funding to accommodate all our students, no matter their financial situation.

  • BC Student Loan
  • In-house Financing
  • Student Line of Credit
  • Scholarships

Our dedicated Financial Aid Officers will help you every step of the way.

Program Duration

The Bachelor of Hospitality Management degree is a 121 credit hour degree program, including industry work experience and a capstone project.

The program is divided in Eight Terms and can be completed in as little as 2.5 years*.

Program Outline

Below is outline of the core courses required for graduation.


TERM Course # Course Title
Prep ACAD010 Academic Preparation

Term 1

Course # Course Title
ENGL120 Introduction to English Academic Writing
This course introduces you to the principles of English academic writing, the process of writing academic argument papers, and to strategies, assignments and exercises that develop their abilities as researchers, readers, and writers of scholarly prose.
HOSP100 Introduction to Hospitality Industry
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the rapidly evolving hospitality industry, starting with a historical perspective and then exploring all facets of hotel, food, and beverage service operations.
MATH102 Fundamentals of Mathematics
This mathematics course is designed to reinforce fundamental mathematical skills and provide students with a solid foundation in basic computation, problem solving, and algebra skills.
HOSP110 Fundamentals of Lodging Operations Management
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to fundamental management principles and practices as applied to a range of 21st century challenges that organizations face in maintaining the ability to successfully deliver goods and services across a variety of administrative, socio-political, and cultural contexts.
  Lower-Level Elective

Term 2

Course # Course Title
ACCT100 Principles of Accounting
This course introduces students to generally accepted accounting principles and processes used in recording, summarizing, and reporting financial information. Students will learn how to analyze outcomes and make financial decisions.
HOSP116 Computer Technology in the Hospitality Industry
This course examines the information needs of the hospitality industry by focusing on computer-based property management and restaurant management systems, hotel sales and accounting software applications, the selection and implementation of computer systems, the effective management of information systems, network and information security, and the impact of the social media on the industry.
HOSP130 Food and Beverage Management
Effective food and beverage service management requires analytical skills, interpersonal skills, operational expertise, and an ability to think creatively so that the result is always a positive bottom line.
BUSM100 Business Communication
Effective communication is central to the efficient operation of a business. This course focuses on introducing students to the theory and practice behind technical communication, business communication, and professional writing. Students will explore the similarities and differences between each type, when to apply each, and how to apply these forms to achieve business objectives.
  Lower-Level Elective

Term 3

Course # Course Title
HOSP214 Business and Hospitality Law
This course will familiarize students to the rights and responsibilities of hospitality operators through an understanding of the laws and practices encountered in the industry.
HOSP252 Hospitality Marketing and Sales
Students will be introduced to the principles, concepts, and systems used in hospitality marketing and sales. Using case studies and research this course surveys contemporary marketing and sales methodologies designed to achieve competitive distinctiveness.
HOSP282 Urban Tourism
In this course, students will understand the image cultures and experience of Urban Tourism. This course provides an overview of global, economic, cultural, and social change as it impacts urban tourism.
HOSP226 Hospitality Financial Management
Managing a business means managing its financial resources. Business decisions depend on an understanding of timelines and cash-flow calculations to track cash flow and payments, the value of securities and investments, and how to determine cost effectiveness.
  Lower-Level Elective
WORK298 Industry Work Experience Preparation (10 hours)
Industry work experiences are an integral learning component and provide an environment where students can gain industry insights, apply recently acquired knowledge and skills in practical settings and obtain valuable work experience.
WORK299 Industry Work Experience I (135 hours)
This course focuses on preparing students to work in the hospitality and tourism industry by providing a solid practical foundation in contemporary hospitality business and management tools, and practices in the operation of the following services; accommodation, food and beverage, maintenance and security, marketing and sales, financial, and human resource management. Students will apply the skills learned to date in a work experience setting.

Term 4

Course # Course Title
HOSP228 Hospitality Managerial Accounting
This course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the Principles of Accounting by examining how accounting concepts and procedures, the processing and analysis of financial data, and the flow of financial information apply directly to hospitality management and the hospitality accounting cycle.
HOSP230 Food Production
This course examines the comprehensive and easy to follow, Food for Fifty provides students and food production professionals with a broad variety of tested quantity recipes, along with valuable tables, charts, and ready-to-use guidelines for preparing and serving quality food in quantity.
STATS224 Introduction to Statistics
This course introduces students to descriptive statistics, the analysis of probability in data, and learning statistical observation techniques. The course will cover topics including variation, probability distributions, sampling techniques, regression, and correlation.
ORGB214 Organizational Behaviour
This course covers a myriad of topics, but it first introduces students to common philosophical concepts for healthy organizational behaviour. It will explore the social science theories that explain behaviour, culture, and communication, and leading research on the applications to human behaviour.
  Lower-Level Elective

Term 5

Course # Course Title
HOSP382 Issues in Tourism
This is an integrated capstone course intended as a vehicle for students to integrate several hospitality managements disciplines. The tourism and hospitality sector are extremely reactive to external factors, such events such as SARS, recession, changes to currency, privacy legislation, forest fires, Pandemics, etc.
HOSP316 Healthy Aging and Hospitality Services
A shift in population demographics and an increasingly wealthy aging population is driving a change in leisure experience expectations. Lifestyle and leisure experiences are being informed by changing social stratification, psychographics, consumer behaviour, marketing segmentation and product differentiation.
HOSP356 Destination Management and Marketing
This course will introduce students to processes, procedures, and technologies used in destination management and marketing. The course explores the skills and issues involved in developing new destinations by examining the relationship of tourism to economic development, the environment, culture, community and society.
HOSP372 Hospitality Human Resources Management
This course presents a systematic approach to human resources management in the hospitality industry. Human resource management in the industry presents several unique performance, quality, compliance, and ethical challenges, such as, non-traditional organizational structures, employees coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds, the expectation that employees will perform a wide variety of roles, and a persistent focus on guest satisfaction and guest services.
  Upper-Level Elective

Term 6

Course # Course Title
BUSM360 Business Research Methods
This course introduces students to the nature and importance of business research, research techniques, primary and secondary research methods, and qualitative and quantitative designs.
HOSP318 Sustainability in Hospitality
This course will provide students with an in-depth research-based examination in sustainability, social and cultural responsibility, and green practices by exploring ideas, solutions, and strategies related to sustainable, responsible, and ethical management in the hospitality industry.
HOSP342 Food Science and Services Planning
This course will introduce students to the modern food industry and the challenges of reconciling food production, consumer demands, food security and global economic and environmental change in the context of recent research on genetically engineered foods, sustainability, global food demand, and the impacts of climate change on our food systems and the food service industry.
HOSP319 Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry
This course is designed to introduce students to advanced topics in leadership, organizational change, management, communication, diversity, and quality issues they will be addressing in the hospitality industry.
  Upper-Level Elective

Term 7

Course # Course Title
HOSP424 Hospitality Revenue Management
This course will give students an advanced understanding of revenue management processes for the purposes of growing a hospitality enterprise. Topics will distinguish between tactical and strategic revenue management and will explore in depth financial resourcing tools and techniques.
WORK498 Industry Work Experience II (420 hours)
This work experience is an integral part of the program and provides practical hands-on experience to the students in the hospitality industry, prior to their graduation.
BUSM460 Entrepreneurship
This course examines successful entrepreneurship requires a specialized mix of innovation, drive, business acumen, and communication; an entrepreneur sees the potential and pitfalls in any idea, and understands the product, the market, and the business climate well enough to make smart decisions for the venture.
  Upper-Level Elective

Term 8

Course # Course Title
HOSP499 Seminar
HOSP472 Hotel Design, Planning and Development
Using analysis and theory based on the latest data, this course presents essential hotel planning and design considerations by exploring key issues in global hotel development and management by using very recent examples and case studies to demonstrate how new concepts are developed and implemented in an industry that is rapidly expanding and changing.
HOSP422 Hospitality Financial Analytics
Hospitality Financial Analytics refers to the principles, tools and techniques businesses use in analyzing data to gain insights so that they can make strategic, rapid, and profitable business decisions.
CAPS499 Capstone (60 hours)
This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to integrate and synthesize course-based and work experience learnings in developing and completing a capstone challenge project to further their intellectual and professional growth.

Career Opportunities

The hospitality and tourism industry will continue to grow and be one of the largest provincial employers, requiring enthusiastic individuals with contemporary industry and managerial knowledge and skills to meet industry ethical, socio-cultural, and sustainability challenges in the 21st century.

With over 18,000 hospitality and tourism-related businesses in the province, graduates of our Bachelor of Hospitality Management program will have acquired innovative industry knowledge and skills, enabling them to seek meaningful entry-level management positions across a broad cross-section of industry employment settings such as resorts, hotels, food and beverage, cruise, lifestyle tourism and convention and event management services to name a few.

  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers
  • Accommodation Service Managers
  • Facility Operations Managers
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Tourism Officer
  • Catering Manager
Bachelor of Hospitality Management: Shaping future leaders in the dynamic world of hospitality, ensuring exceptional guest experiences

Community Support

“Our accommodation community is delighted that Western Community College has enthusiastically invested in the future of our industry by offering a Bachelor of Hospitality Management program. Education is foundational to the growth and success of any sector, and we are excited that this new program will nurture and develop our next generation of Hospitality and Tourism industry leaders.”

Ingrid Jarrett
President and CEO of BC Hotel Association

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“Surrey’s business community congratulates Western Community College on receiving BC Government approval to offer a Bachelor of Hospitality Management program. Western Community College is a significant part of Surrey and BC’s education ecosystem, tying industry needs to curriculum training as the hospitality industry needs it.”

Anita Huberman
President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

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Our student's voice

  • The classroom structure is very clear and the teachers really care about helping their students. All the staff and receptionists are exceedingly nice to me. Thank you so much!

    Helen Alex Murray
    WCC Alumni
  • It is very professional and sophisticated college. Instructors and office staffs are so proportional and very considerate, I really enjoyed being with western community College. If you want a better education please visit western community College. You all will love their service and education.

    Shaneel Jeet
    Shaneel Jeet
    WCC Alumni
  • Great environment. Faculty staff including admin is helpful always ready to resolve your problems, provides good training and education, affordable fee.

    Preeti Kaur
    Preeti Kaur
    WCC Alumni
  • The best college special for EA nice teacher . Special anu Grover I’m very glad to founded this college.

    Wal Solano
  • I got to know WCC through their Youth Digital Entrepreneurship (YDE) government funded program. It was my first experience with post-secondary education, and my first step into improving my education and skills in nearly a decade. I would say it was a great learning experience.

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    Andrew Tran

Why Study at Western Community College

Practicum Experiences

The BHM Degree at Western Community College has two Co-ops throughout the program. The students are able to get hands on experience in the industry and then integrate this learning back into their theoretical concepts.

Flexible Schedules

The college offers convenient class schedules that allows the students to make best use of their time during the week and utilize it to delve deeper into their studies or to get work experience through a part time job along with their education.


The college offers academic and other scholarships to eligible and deserving students. The students are able to get up to $20,000 in scholarships. This makes the program more affordable for students around the world.

PGWP Pathway

International students who complete the degree program remaining full time students may become eligible for a Post Graduate Work permit for 3 years. This creates a pathway for them towards Permanent Residency in Canada.

Student Support Services

The college offers support services for students which include internal as well as external student support services. Our student services department works round the clock to help the students overcome any challenges they are experiencing and help them with their career goals.

Locational Advantage

The campus is located in the heart of the City of Surrey. The campus location is easily accessible through public as well private modes of transportation and is at a walking distance from Translink bus stop and shopping areas.

Admissions Contact Information

Mon – Sunday 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Surrey, BC

Unit 201 8318 120 St
Surrey, BC V3W 3N4

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