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Today’s world is powered by Information Technology – the study or use of systems for storing, receiving and sending information. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you plan to be, the ability to drive a computer at a high level will give you the edge in all aspects of life, especially in your career.

Canada in particular is a growing market for Information Technology, hosting many major national and international companies for which there is always a demand for quality staff. We’ve explored some of the many advantages of taking IT courses for international students in Canada.

  1. Career Opportunities – It is extremely rare, if not completely impossible, to find a career or company today that does not use IT at some level. Information Technology covers a broad spectrum of careers and can therefore act as a step in any career path. Whether you’re aiming for a career directly in the industry or not, a qualification in information technology will be of significant benefit to you.
  2. Growing Industry – The IT industry is already dominating our generation and is continuing to grow at rapid speed, making now a better time than ever to invest yourself in an IT course and prepare yourself for a booming career. Enter the industry at a time like this, and you will grow alongside it.
  3. Making Money – Throughout the globe, Canada is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. This high demand can increase the overall cost of living and therefore the need for a high-paying career. Use your qualification in IT to get your foot in the door of the industry, and if you work hard, expect high salaries in the future.
  4. Sense of Accomplishment – If you are not only motivated by monetary rewards, a career in IT can also provide a great sense of accomplishment. You will use your problem-solving skills to produce innovative solutions, and your technical findings may even lead to significant breakthroughs in the industry.
  5. Diversity – As an international student in Canada you will enjoy a diverse environment in which you will constantly learn. You will work and share ideas with students from all walks of life, enjoying a challenging academic journey balanced with a memorable experience in a friendly and welcoming country that is full of opportunity.

At Western Community College we offer six comprehensive courses that cover a wide range of subject areas for individuals looking to enhance their IT skills and knowledge. Gain the basic understanding required to embrace this IT dominant society with Basics of Computers. Kick your administrative career off with our Certified IT Administrator course. Prepare yourself for an entry level IT Role with the Diploma in Information Systems. The Diploma in Computer Science Fundamentals will lay the groundwork for a career in technical support, IT administration, and more. Cover the computer science topics that will set you up for an IT technician job with our Certified Information Technology Technician Programme. And finally, study IT at an advanced level and become an engineer with our Certified Information Technology Engineer course.

Visit our website to learn more about our courses, and begin your information technology journey with Western Community College.


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